Ringlingbook.com is operated by Ballyhoo Publishing, an independent publishing company formed by Lancaster and Harnack to introduce their books, “Ringling, The Last Laugh,” and “The Boys From Baraboo,” to the world, and to the publishing world.  Both books are about The Ringling Brothers, as children and as circus magnates.  Ringling, The Last Laugh contains adult content.  “The Boys From Baraboo” is an award winning children’s picture book, recommended for children ages 6 & up.  These books are copyrighted by Michael Lancaster and Barbara Harnack, all rights reserved.  Inquiries can be made by contacting Michael Lancaster.  Both books mention The Greatest Show on Earth TM, which is a trade mark of Feld Entertainment.  Ballyhoo Publishing has since become engaged in other publishing, packaging and screen ventures.  For more information visit the Ballyhoo page.